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Video by  Minnie Small

In this video, Minnie Small shares her tips on how to Overcoming Artist’s Block, on tips finding your Inspiration and getting productive.

I find myself doing similar things,  thou I do tend to move more towards going overboard on cleaning and finishing all the little things that bother me  I´m trying to be creative as I like an organized environment so I can work.  Removing all distractions, and then when that set and done. Sit down whit calm music and go throw my Pinterest boards. If that doesn’t work then that means I´m overworked and need some sleep.   And nothing will fix my block of I don’t rest first. As I´m a bit of a workaholic.  Just remember to give yourself a break, If you’re experiencing an art block, maybe you’ve just overworked your self and need a break.

It tends to happen to all of us. But if you’re not one of them and  if you’re a creative person in a bit of a funk, She has got quite a few different ways to hopefully get you motivated and productive again!

I hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful. Truely love this artist. Never stops inspiring me. Please share with your friends and family, helps me a lot so I can keep building this site stronger and finding the best videos and tutorials for you guys.

But on til next time

Love HildurKO

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