New Artwork Binding Rune Veldismagn, and products

It was about time I got back in to working with Runes and playing around with Viking inspired artwork. The pure joy of it as you can both go soft and rough when it comes to the pattern designs.

For this art piece, I want it to get a kind of shield effect.  As this magic rune is a shield of protection after all.

Information about the Rune came from

Veldismagn is an Icelandic magical Bind Rune that is used to grant the wearer with protection against evil, and luck in having good health.

Veldismagn is an ancient Icelandic magical sigil meaning ‘to give power and strength’ (‘veldi’: power; ‘magna’: to strengthen). Traditionally drawn out in blood on the chest, it was used for protection, luck, health, and the safe return from travels, so that “Nothing evil will harm you, and whole and healthy will you come back home, whether traveling by land or sea”.

Linden (Tilia) was a sacred tree to the ancient Norse and Germanic people, who associated it with Freyja, goddess of love and beauty. The bark of the wood has been left in its natural state.

Icelandic magical staves or ‘Galdrastafir’ are runic symbols shamanically designed to control the elements, increase energy, or influence developments. They were traditionally inscribed or painted onto objects, doors, clothing, and vessels as magical talismans and charms.

Artwork now available in store on quality posters, t-shirts, and 3/4 sleeve raglan shirt

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All my work in progress and sneak peaks happen there.

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So thank you in advance.

You are truly awesome.


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