When someone uses your artwork without your permission

When someone uses your artwork without your permission,  for me it who’d be okay IF  they at least gave my due credit, so people know who did that artwork and can find them. I most often don’t mind if they use my artwork as long and they do not make money off my art or claim credit for it.

As I´m not a big name yet, free advertising is always helpful.  Let´s take my site, for example,  I share youtube videos, most of them are not mine. But I link to the owner so my reader to stop by their channel and subscribe, to help the creator of the video grow and do more videos.  I don’t get any money from it. It helps me share great content but nothing more than that.

If I get a link wrong, I want to know. As I want to help spread the word on all the wonderful talent out there.


But why does it seem that some people feel it okay for them to take what ever they want and use it?

And act like it´s okay to do so?

Is it so hard to share a link?

I´m sad to say that from now on, I will watermark all my artwork with bigger letters. Even thou I hate how it looks. But what else can I do?

I will not be sharing the link, even thou I want to.  and why you may ask. Because I will not sink to their level. At least not on til I see where this goes.

What makes me mad is that the video that my art appeared in. I would have set sure no prob, give me credit and we are good.

No question.  But they didn’t even have the decency to ask.

Sad world we live in.


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