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Video by the talented artist ERUDA art

Enchanting watercolor painting of Totoro as he sleeps in the woods with friends.

The artist did such a great job on the painting, video recording, and choice of music, that if I could rate this video from one start to five, he would earn a six-star rating.

I know I mention this in almost every painting demonstration I post, but I can’t help it. And If I don´t, I shud.

As all videos, I share on my blog are videos that I find helpful and find I need to have on my blog for both myself and for all the wonderful like-minded spirits that visit my website every day, kind spirit, that keep growing in numbers.

I love the joy of celebrating art, artist and the actions of creating something that inspires us and others.

The pure joy of seeing creative minds of every field feed of the creative energy of other creative spirits.

So I hope this artist inspires you today as I did for me. I hope you visit my site often, and that the art, artist and creative discoveries that I share here, inspire you to create and share with the world.

To keep the never-ending loop of inspiration and creative joy going to the ends of time.

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