Updates on the site and plans.

Miner update, I promise.

Just finest updating the website. A smoother new theme is now up, that should work way better on all the platforms than the last one and makes the site easier to navigate.

I´m also brainstorming new idea’s to add to the site to make it more interesting for visitors.  Decided to take a week off last week, from creating art after Inktober. As October was one of my more creative months in a while. But after my short break, I´m ready to get busy creating again.

New crafting and art blogs will be coming daily for the rest of this month for anyone that’s interested, if there is any type of art of crafting blog you would like to see, feel free to leave me a comment.

I´m also thinking of re-organizing all blog category´s  as I start adding more specific videos on the site. Instead of adding them all under one category.

I´m also going to try to do more art videos, but as my computer is not in the best of shapes, that will have to unfold as time passes.

But yeah, this month is going to be pretty busy it seems, oh and if we don’t count my full-time job as a part of my way too busy schedule.  No, let´s not talk about that. Nob, let’s not talk about that, that might send me over the limit. Did I mention  I cutting down caffeine? Yeah, now may not be the best time for that. Nobe, not a good idea.

This month is going to rock and hope to share as much as possible.

On till next time <3 <3 <3

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