The making of Sleipnir


My painting Sleipnir is definitely one of my favorite paintings I have don so far.Finest on  July 26, 2014.

It as been a big progress, and I loved every step of the way.

2014-06-04 21.27.25sleipnir2014skref1hildurkoIMG_4502

And when I was finally happy white the painting. Then taking it to Photoshop and exploring how it can be come even more.


sleipnir sýnsieintak

Kind of cant stop playing around in Photoshop, and see how many more  digital versions of  Sleipnir I can create, as I love the texture of the paining and how easy everything works to gather.

The fact that I can continue working on this painting, that I love so.

Brings me great joy.


Small showcase of Sleipnir on some of my Zazzle products. And if your interested in seeing more, then feel welcomed on stopping by my store.

On till next time.  Have a wonderful week. <3 <3 <3

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