Spirit Caravan


Its always fun when you get to take part of someone else’s creation, thou that part may be small.

This is the first time my artwork is used on vinyl album. Kind of exiting to see your work  this way.  My two paintings Helm of awe and wise rune are the ones picket to be on Spirit Caravans song list pages of the vinyl album Jug Fulla Sun, that just came out this sumer. My artwork will  be on a 500 vinyl´s.

I´m so happy to have my copy to keep, as I just got it in the mail just a few days ago.

It remanded me of that there exiting times ahead, so now its the time to work hard on my art, to putt my self out there.

How will any one know if your art is out there if you don´t share it with world. No one will ever find it locked up in you closest our on your wall. That is for sure.


Love when thinks just seem to  jump in to your lap .

But thinks don´t always do that. So now it time for action.

So on till next time my darlings.

Hugs Hildur.K.O



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