Shield of glory / My new digital painting


I love experimenting with different mediums at in the times I may not have the cash flow to spend on new supplies, you can always find other mediums to use from old paper and glue to digital software.  There is no limit to what you can use if you find your self-strapped for cash but desperately need to get your art expression fix.

As for me, this is as important to my mental health as oxygen is for us to breathe.  If I don´t create art, in any form I will sink. In the deep quicksand that is the blackness that is depression, creating art is my happy pill. Even thou,  it can help to seek out extra help when the need strikes.

So for this art piece as for the last one I posted  HERE. I´m been testing out different ideas,  playing around what would make cool paintings.  One of my ideas is I series, wait who I´m I kiddings, everything is about series with me. No a am being serious here.  It has become some thing in my life, that I can´t seem to not do when it comes to creating art or writing.

Anyway, I´m working on three other drawings in this same style. It was never the plan to at them to my Zazzle shop, but the demos look so great that I couldn’t resist adding them. But I will be creating an updated version of them, using gold foil. That will be available in my main store here.

But all the demo versions will be going in my Zazzle shop.  Love looking at the designs on the products their way to much to skip it. And it´s a great way to get my art in many forms.

But on til the point, I can share with you the final look.  I can least offer over 100 products white this design. And lets not for get that I sell prints and canvas prints there too. Always love how good my artwork comes out from Zazzle, likely the only reason I still have a shop over there.

If you like what you see, then head on over to my shop, remember that you can customize all my products, and even change colors and such on some.

On til next time.

Happy browsing.

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