Protect Your Original Art Work – Everything You Need to Know About Preserving Your Art by Roger Walton

The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life. �
~William Faulkner.

I´m sure when Faulkner made this profound statement he was not referring to storage, framing and displaying techniques that make sure your artwork moves again a century later. I guess though, his reference to artificial means could be stretched to encompass conservation methods.

If only I could alter Ben Jonson´s famous quote.  Art hath an enemy called ignorance and switch the word ignorance to UV rays and humidity!

If you own pieces of art worth more than the frame they reset in then you should know that your art collection can deteriorate in quality and lose its value over time if not protected.

Care for your original art prints starts long before you buy it, which is why it is imperative to ask the seller the materials that were used in making and conserving the piece and where and how the art was stored- especially if you´re buying from an online seller and not directly from a gallery.

From initial research before buying to transportation, storage, framing and hanging, special care will ensure integrity and longevity of your art piece.

Before buying get all the information you can, make sure:
    • The artist did not use fugitive materials that can fade


    • No optical brighteners were applied


    • Only colorfast and acid-free materials were used


    • Proper storage was maintained


After you have purchased the artwork you need to figure out transportation:
When packing and shipping your art, it’s important to find materials that will provide maximum protection during their journey. If your art piece is an unusual size or dimension, you might need to have a custom box made. Sometimes art stores will give you one.

There are specialty shipping companies that handle rare and costly goods and you pay a premium for their handling abilities. They have special wrapping and packaging materials depending on the medium and size of your art. Check on the covered insurance if your piece is valuable.

Once delivered you need to store it before framing or mounting:
    • Loose artwork should be stored in shallow drawers and cabinets to prevent scuffing and weight build-up. Try and keep similar sized pieces together. Also, always place sheets between your pieces


    • Framed prints and documents should always be stored vertically and preferably in cabinets, separated by foam or felt covered separators.


    • For long-term storage, all hanging devices and wires should be removed to prevent damage to other pieces.


Ready For Framing and Display; Make sure the following are used:
    • Conservation framing techniques


    • Archival mat boards


    • Archival mounting materials


    • Proper hanging hardware for your type of wall


    • Only picture hooks that will bear the weight of the framed picture


    • Two hooks to hang anything larger than 8� x 10�


Display and caring for your art
    • Pick a spot away from direct sunlight or draft


    • Avoid extreme temperature and humidity


    • Do not place over a fireplace


    • Use air conditioning or dehumidifiers if needed


    • Rotate the artwork around your house regularly


    • Clean with a special cloth and cleaning supplies do not let chemicals rundown inside


    • For extended care change the back paper of the art every few years and clean the surface to avoid mildew and insects getting in.

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