Procreate 4 tutorial – A complete app guide for iPad artists

Video by James Julier Art

Procreate 4 tutorial – A complete app guide for iPad artists

Here James gives a complete video tutorial for the procreate art app on iPad Pro. James will demonstrate and give a step by step guide for both beginner and experienced artists.

He shows you how to draw, paint and manipulate using the app along with all the digital tools such as layers and masks.

Please refer to the topics below and timings to jump off at your desired section:

00:00 Intro and app basics

05:16 Gallery: How to organize your art and create a new canvas

13:23 Gestures: How to use gestures

18:42 Brushes: How to use, create and modify

34:26 Smudge: How to use, create and modify the smudge tool

35:43 Erase: How to erase using various methods

37:23 Quickline: How to use quickline

39:17 Colours: How to select and use your perfect colors incl. palettes.

47:00 Layers: How to use and manipulate layers

52:42 Adjustments: Blur, color balance, motion blur etc.

56:07 Selections: use the selection tools to change specific areas

58:30 Transform: change the scale and distort amongst other things.

01:01:13 Actions: share, import and many canvas and preference settings

01:07:28 Perspective Guides and Perspective assist

01:11:08 Workflows including quick menu

01:12:25 Apple Pencil

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