Pencil Drawing, Become a Great Artist in 5 Easy Steps by Murtaza I Habib

Pencil drawing is a subject we all study at school. Many people forget the pleasures associated with this gentle and inexpensive medium until much later in life and this is because, in modern and erratic society, we are just too busy to take up drawing and painting as a hobby, so the ambition to one day become an artist lies on the back burner until we have more time to enjoy our creativeness.

Pencil drawing in its simplest form has a variety of techniques which can be readily acquired through regular practice. Practice sessions need not even be overly long, but they should be consistent as this will accelerate the artist’s skills more readily.

To become a really good artist takes time and patience and having the motivation to practice. It also means you should read the following steps which will have you on the right road to successful drawing:

1.  Drawing takes time. Allow enough time to be able to enjoy the whole process. Build up the drawing a little at a time and feel the satisfaction growing as the drawing begins to take shape. Let yourself become absorbed in your work, this will make a big difference to the outcome.

2. Take on simple projects at first. Being too ambitious may make you feel worse if your pencil drawing does not come out quite the way you were hoping. All artistic endeavors require a great deal of focus and technique, so prepare to invest in your learning process.

3. When copying, focus on the actual subject and do not keep looking at your own drawing as this can make you less focused if your own drawing does not look like the same.

4. Remember to shade and tone and for this, you will need different types of pencils. It is worth investing in some good quality pencils so that your pencil drawing can become amazing with a little practice.

5. Finally, believe in yourself. The road to becoming a great artist is a fairly tricky one, however; the greatest skill that is required in pencil drawing is that of dedication and determination.

‘Murtaza Habib’ is an accomplished painter who has been teaching painting since 6 months. Click Here: to read more articles on pencil drawings.

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