New Digital Art Prints in store

I love creating new art and experimenting with older art to see other possibilities they have. To discover how many versions it can take.  The joy of creating something new is pure happiness for my creative mind. And after I found out that more and more like the option to buying digital prints for a lower price to print it out as they see fit. I found it an awesome idea.  As I don’t have the time at the moment to go in to selling prints in any other form. Thou I hope I do in the future.  So on till then, I hope you like the start of my digital print selections that I will be adding to slowly over time.

This is more an extra thing for my to enjoy creating and sharing in my store than any thing else at the moment. As other bigger projects take up most of my time. But his little corner keeps my interest up and helps keeps me motivated. So expected seeing more digital products in the near future.

On til then. I hope you enjoy.

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