New Age Boho Boutique Leggings Etsy shop now up and running.


Is the banner a little over the top? Mabey little obvious that I´m no pro in creating banners and ads. Yes, I know. But hey, I´m still a lot better than I was. But I´m still kind of loving it.

But to the main reason for this post today.

So I after discovering my great love of using my pretty patterns in designing yoga leggings, and yes I´m obsessed. I have been testing out different options. As it´s too expensive to ship from Iceland and my main traffic comes outside of Iceland. I have been testing different companies.

My last test was with Zazzle, but even thou I love them. I found I needed a little more. Better quality, more options. And a better platform to showcase my leggins collections. So I´m teaming up with Printful, to help me fulfill all my leggings needs.

Will be updating my leggins designs and moving them to my Etsy store New Age Boho Boutique that I have opened especially for my Legging Designs.

I have already added my first 10 designs, my top favorite patterns to the store. And working on the next 10 designs.  So get excited and don’t forget to follow along so you won’t miss out.

Will be sharing all the sneak peeks and work in progress, of new art for the leggings on Instagram. As I love creating art that can be used in many forms.

On til next time.

Love HildurKO


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