My weird fascination with snails

I can’t help it, but they are truly fascinating creatures but just to state the obvious. I love most animals if not all and always have and even when they frighten me a little, there is always something to be learned from them. I learned to read by studying books on all kind of animals, as my teacher aid ( the only reason I believe I can read today and love trying to is because of here ) As I´m dyslexic and had problems focusing, and most just give up, back then no one even thought about the possibility that I might be dyslexic, expect for that one teacher, that used my fascination white animals to help me learn to focus and how to read. I had been pinned stupid by my fellow classmates. But that is history now and back to the main topic.

I think snails first captured my interest when I saw The NeverEnding Story, I have always been a story teller, I love stories and seeing the guy that I never can remember the name of, ride that snail like a fast horse spun my imagination to a new high. To me, they were creatures of magic, even in real life. When one of my best friends’s the decided to study biology at University of Iceland, the focus Marine Research. The focus on a type of sea snail.

( I have of corse forgot the names because names and I don’t get along )

I was more than thrilled and may over the years have spammed her with all snail relaid it material I stumble abound.

Just can’t seem to get enough of these adorable creatures, even to the point, that I had to give them their own role in a children’s book I´m working on.

But before I end up writing a 10-page essay on my love for cute snails fo the world,  I think I will call this post long enough for today. Leaving you guys with a short video of them eating cucomber.

Hugs to you all

Hildur <3 <3 <3

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