My new artwork Magnetic star. Finding names for my artwork.

Every time without fail, as I finish a new piece of art.

And we are talking about artwork that will go in my shop.  I find myself struggling with what to name my paintings.  Don’t know why I find it so hard, but I do.  So that is the reason,  my names may sound a little strange or too boring.  But what can you do, as you cant win in everything you do.

For this artwork, it didn’t take as long as usual, it may have helped that I had been meditating not long before starting the coloring progress of this piece. It helps to look for names that connect to the theme of artwork your inn.  For me lately, I have been doing a lot of pattern artwork, inspired by the new age, boho, mother earth movement.

That alone makes the list of names I can use shorter. It helps somewhat. But in the end, I have given up the clever name battle and started to use the first name that pops up in my head.

But what is in a name, isn’t the art itself that is more important?  And isn’t the mastery of naming, endless practice and for that you need to create more so you can indeed, practice more in naming. So for that, way waist endless time on finding a name, when the art itself is the main focus and to better grow in skill you must create.

And on that note, I think it´s best I stop. As I will keep going on till a new day clams me and all hope of sleep as gone. On til a new work day comes to an end.

Hope you enjoyed my rant and my art.

Have a wonderful day.

Hildur K O

Simple in color with out stealing attention from the pattern.

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