My first ever wall mural – Done 2011

wall murial 2011 nr14My apartment as this big wall. And for the longest time,  I been trying to figure out the best way to decortait it.

So finally, this is what it came down to. Do not know why, I didn’t just to this in the beginning.  But after a small drawing doodling season, this  cute tree drawing just came out of  one of my doodle´s.  And the idea that was missing for my wall, just a appeared in my mind, as I had already painted on my wall.

Something tells me your problem rolling your eyes know. But any way.

It took my a week to draw and paint the hole wall.  Just could not stop, on till it was finest.

And took me  another week for my back to recover. I just have to learn to slow down. My grampa was in better shape that week.

But so worth it. And now 2014, I still love that wall. I will be selling my places soon, and kind of wise that I could take the wall white me. But at least I have my photos, and already planing my next wall mural.


Tell me what you think.

heartAnd on till next time. heart

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