My fascination with clay carving and inspiration

I have always been fascinated with texture and pattern.  When I was really young and learned that not all can see or hear. That not call could do the things that I found normal. I started to wonder how they experience the world.  I would stuff my ears with cotton balls to block out sound simple to try to understand. I would try not to use my sight to see and use my hands, going as far and blindfolding myself. Exploring the world and trying to imagine the world throw their eyes. I was a child trying to understand the world.  I started using my hands more and more, to explore the world to see it throw my hands. When the time came I would lose my sight I would be ready, and able to see the beauty of the world with my hands. That is what I was telling my self when I was about 10 years old.  The ideas that pop up in children minds.

Yes, the ideas that pop up, in children minds.

As I got older my need to feel with my hands kept,  and it found its way into my art.  All my paintings nowadays are deep in texture as I love to feel the painting, and that you don’t need to see it to enjoy, simply feel it.  I feel that one day I will end up moving my self more into clay art.  Shure looks that way at the moment.  But on till I take that step I want to share with you videos that are inspiring me the most at the moment in my creating progress.

Hope you enjoy


Video byTom Flint

Artist: Victoria Ellis 

Video by BlackRock Tile

Video by Ceramic Arts Daily

Artist: Jennifer McCurdy 

Video by Rihab Raku

Artist:  Alexandra Engelfriet

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