Me and my luck

So  if you have been to my site before you will notes big lack of posts.

So this week I decided to move my website from the joomla platform to wordpress. And since I decided to throw myself into these changes, I decided to simplify things a little. The first part was easy but, but of course when things become too easy, at that moment thins tend to go wrong.

End result, was my site was ruined and  I had to do the how thing  a gene. Jebb, just my luck right.

But thankfully I had a copy of all my art and things  all ready in use on my Icelandic site, but not the blog.

So I guess I can be thankful for what I have and just look at this as a fresh start on my blog.  No use crying about it, I guess.

So here is for fresh starts. And may this time be better filled withe contend that we all will enjoy.

May hopefully  my grammar and spelling will get better, as way say that practices makes perfect.

So on till next time my dears .

Hugs and warm fussy bunny’s


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