Masterpiece painting, Work in progress Time Lapse by Lana Rose

Video by Lana Rose

I love watching time-lapse videos of an artist creating their work from start to finish. As an artist myself, it inspires me and I find that watching the creative flow of others can often help my get on stuck and boost me into a creative frenzy.

In this video, we watch as Lana shares her process as she creates this beautiful horse sea painting. This artwork took her one year to paint, on a 150cm X 100cm. Oil on Canvas.

Beautiful work of art, and my deep admiration for her level of patience, to record and work on her artwork for so long. I´m that way with my writing, but in my artwork, I tend to want o finish is as fast as possible. Patience is something I have masters in all things except when I work on my artwork. Hopefully, in time, I will. But for now, way not enjoy this artwork with me.

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