Losing your cool in front of Mr. Hotness

As I scrolled throw my Instagram the other day I saw a new pic from the hotness that is

Brock O’Hurn,  and damm that guy is fine, and oh did my dirty mind fantasize from the first time I saw his picture, at least on til I found out that his almost the same age as my baby sister that is 14 years younger than me. 


That kind of forced me to stop thinking of him as a piece of meat or daydream prins. And more as a little baby, I´m super annoying that way, when it comes to my own mind I can´t let my self, date our think about guys that are in my mind to young for me. But everyone else can, just not me.

Even if you see major celebrity queens like Madonna, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez do it, I can’t seem to allow my self the same option.  

But back to the reason,

I started to write this little story time of mine. As I found it too silly and funny not write down and share with you guys.

The incident in question happened about a year ago. It is a regular day at work, and as I´m working on ordering for my department in prep for the upcoming weekend. I see a man in the corner of my vision approaching me where I stand by my computer.  As you do, I turn my attention to towards him with a big warm smile and a greeting I properly say about 100 times a day. Good day, how can I be at service?

Thank god for my poker face, long experience in the sale business. Because the moment I met his gray blue eyes and sexy smile my heart decide to start doing jumping jacks in my chest.

My mind went into cool survival mode, as keeping the cool is something I pride myself in at work in any circumstances. I´m usually the one what will greet you with a big smile. And I was not going to go all tongue tied and lobster red this time. NO WAY.

Thankfully he need help in the next department, as it gave me an access to hand him over to the next department staff be for my word would start to go all wrong in my mouth. And believe you me, it was about to happen. I could feel my control over my cool was about to slip.

He was simply too hot to handle,  and I was at the same time stunned I was actually letting a guy have this effect on me.

I still managed some how to excuse my self with I sweet smile. That it would best I get a staff member with more knowledge on the product in question. Walking calmly out of sight, and barely hanging on to that calm cool attitude. I when in the back where the guy of that department was getting supplies.

In the back where the guy of that department was getting supplies. I lose all cool. And literally, demand he go and help the most a gorgeous man on earth in his section. As there was now way I could help my self a second longer. Literally lost all the ability to express my self in words for about 10 minutes after he left to help Mr. Hot.  Not too happy to be interrupted in his work, simply because of my girl hormones over some guy.

After calming down, and wiping my hormones back in to cool mode, my work day continued like nothing had ever happened.  Except for my dreamy expression and that Mr. Hot was so similar to Brock O’Hurn. But hotter, how what is even possible.

Year has passed and I kind of wish I had set something. But my inner voice was like no way, he is too hot for you, kind of thing. I know it stupid but we still listen to that little voise.

Recently, exactly about three days ago. It was pointed out, the likely reason I may have found

Mr. Hot so over the top gorgeous.

And can you guess why? Because of all the romance novels,  I use to read.

I still do time to time.

And even if this was just a moment, something that broke up the day.

It is still a fun memory to have and keep.

On til next time.

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