Inktober day three / Healing Wave, ,reiki, healing, chakra

Day three and only 2 artwork so far. But that’s okay. As I had to color the artwork from day one. It got me thinking that I may try to do one artwork every other day. As I know that I will not resist the urges to color my drawings as soon as I finish them.

I also have the sneaky suspicion that the theme for this Inktober will be New age.  Kind of perfect as that can go into my Patternjoy Zazzle shop I created this summer.  The main theme being patterns.

I also getting obsessed inn creating leggings, especially in the new age theme.

Find it so exciting to see this pattern on my Zazzle products think hits may be a new direction I will take my pattern shop. As colorless I´m in my own wardrobe my self-creating brighter and colorful artwork than I ever thought possible for me to create. Think I will enjoy losing my self in the creative process this month, it may even open up my floodgates of my creative mind even more.

And artwork has been added to my Zazzle store. Everything from prints, cards, phone cases and more.  For more products click the images below.

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