Inktober day five / Birth of life

Day five and only three drawings in. Using every spare moment I have to ink and color the drawings I do. So hopefully I can keep it up. But with lack of time to spend in drawing for something that’s not for my business it kind of hard to find. And have an extra job to boot while I try to build my art business up from the ground.

Anyway, I happy how this one came out. Wasn’t sure about it before I colored it but, seeing it in colors totally made it pop in the right way.

And as I think I may keep doing for the rest of the month all artwork for Inktober that comes out good will be going into my Zazzle shop.

So for you, all that like this artwork, it has been added to my Zazzle store here.

On everything from prints, cards, phone cases and more. 

For more products click the images below. 

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