Inktober day 1 / Cate Blanchett

My first time participating in Inktober. And my main gold is to do as many as I can, color them and add them to my Zazzle stores if they are good. I´m making this month more of getting my self in the habit drawing and designs every day.  To take that step in taking my dream of building up my business more seriously by creating more art.

So for my first drawing for this years Inktober, I did this pretty lady, but to note, I´m not that good at drawing realistic but to develop your skill you need to challenge yourself, so that is my goal.

The reference for this drawing is the lovely Cate Blanchett. And artwork has been added to my Zazzle store.

Everything from prints, cards, phone cases and more. 

For more products click the images below.

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