If you’re losing faith in your dreams

There come times when you doubt your ability to achieve success in your craft and your passion. No matter how many times it happens. The feeling to give in and give up. The feeling that you’re not good enough, or any self-tearing doubt that may creep into your mind, that may be whispered into your ear. Please don’t listen to that voice. Please, please from the bottom of my heart don´t give up, don´t lose faith. Hold on tighter than to the air you breathe.

I have been there, and actually, from time to time I do give in a tiny bit. For an hour, a day or a week. I give in and give up. But then I pull my self up again. I turned 36 this year and I´m still fighting. Because I realized that if I give up on my passions, I would be dooming my self to live a life with out what makes my tick. What fuels me every day.  I may find success or I may not. The point is that I will never stop working for it.

It took me some time to learn to focus more on enjoying the process of working to find success as an artist. Instead of focusing on the money side. And I do have other jobs that help pay the bills. And yes they take away energy what I rather focus on my craft but, it´s the work I need to do. So I can keep working on what fuels my passion and keeps me sane.

But for the times I do lose faith and my mind sinks into the dark deep. Where I start to give up.  I have always had a tough time believing that I deserve a good thing. No matter how small. And as I know this about my self, this is a thing that I am working on. Slowe but surely over time, I may manage to re programs my self.

So if yo´ur like me, I want to share with you the videos that I listen to when the dark closes in. And what often pulls me up.

Hope you enjoy.

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