Icelandic Floral patterns of old / Painting / step by step

Old Icelandic Floral Cross Stitch Inspired Painting

Finally, finest painting my floral painting. And love, love how good it came out. The pattern is inspired by the old Icelandic cross stitch pattern. I do love exploring the old and giving them a new spin, but still, with the hint of the old vibes.

This painting took me under two weeks to fines.  Thanks to new blends and testing out new technics when mixing the clay mixture I use in the pattern. I mix the clay I use in the texture my self at home.  Working in this technique as forest me to learn to be patient. Moving too fast to the next step when I´m working will ruin the artwork.

But I´m loving this process and learning new ways to better my technique white every painting. Getting better whit every step.

I like to share white you a small part of the progress on how I work. It differs on what I´m working naturally. Sometimes it´s simply sometimes there are endless layers. This piece was I total five layers of detail.

The only drawback on this kind of artwork is the work and drying time you need to spend on it.  One painting can go from a week to two months depending on layers and details.  But the things we do for our love of creating art. In the end its all worth it. And that is the only thing that matters.

This painting is known for sale in my store if you’re interested and if no one has gotten to it before you that is.

Hope you enjoy this small sample of my work progress.

On til next time.




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