How to sell your artwork online

For most, it´s not easy getting yourself out there. I´ve been selling my art online for a couple of years know. But always more of a hoppy, but for the times I really put in the work, I could see it would pay off if I only would keep going. I´m live in a society where you are taught that you’re not going to make living off your art. Low self-stem did not help either. But I did a few years ago start taking the steps long site a full-time job to learn to be a full-time artist. Testing out different platforms that are out there.  And I found out a few thinks that most have in common.

I like sharing and helping others on a similar journey so that is what is post is. My key things I feel I learned over time.

The key to online success from my point a view
  1. Perfecting your craft, quality over quantity. I have gone both ways over the years. And the facts are that in the long run, it will pay off spending more time on that one artwork our product to make sure it is the best it can be. So your work is something that will keep on giving. Like four us that sell prints, music our other artwork in a similar manner.
  2. Consistency is key. Here is I have most often failed and many do. People ar creatures of habit, if they like your stuff they will keep on coming if you can show them you’re going to keep on producing more stuff that they love for them to buy or to see.
  3. Finding your niche. It took me some time to find mine but I did finally. And as soon as I found it, thinks start it working in the right direction. When you find your think keep to it, you will gain true followers. That follow you for that think you are doing. If you tend to have too many different types of projects it may put some people off, but you can always separate different projects that may clash. Better that having a chaotic gallery.
  4. The game of social media. The fact is that a lot of your time is going to be spent on pimping your stuff on social media. And it docent matter how shy you are, you will have to find a way to but on your game face and do it. This is one of the big reason´s way at the age of 36 I´m finally seeing move in the discretion that I have always hoped for.  You need to find out what helps you stand out, and be seen. It’s okay to freak out, I still do. But with practice, it will get easier.  Just remember that post every day but don´t spam. Never post more the four post a day. That’s my think a least.  And be on as many social medias as you can handle. At least what is popular at that moment.
  5. Talk to your followers. It´s the same principal as if you’re a sales clerk, your followers are the ones that are going to help you make a living off this or just help you earn some extra bucks.  Be engaging, answer their questions, you may even find new friends. Win, win in my book. And nice and polite attitude never hurt anyone.
  6. Find new connections. Be open to teamwork, this is another reason to be nice, you never know but one of your new followers may end up being you big-ticket, our end up helping you get discovered. Build up your mailing list. Connect with people just remember, it´s not all take. You need to give some to.
  7. Rembert to enjoy the process. The more you focus on learning to be happy and positive the more likely you are to exceed. It sound kind of silly but its true.


And now for some helpful links, just to help you out. If you haven’t deconvert them jet.

Places to sell your art in one way our another: 

These are places I have looked at myself and tried. Some that I´m using right know. And this is only a small part of places where you can sell your artwork.  There is a lot out there and you will have to find out what works for you. also has 250 places list it that I haven’t tried so why not stop by and take a look.

You never know what you may find. Just don´t give up, keep dreaming and never stop working toward your dream. You will gather ef you just believe and keep on working.

Hugs and smiles


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