Good example of the power of social media for artists

As many know and must have realized, expect if you are one of those that seem to have their head stuck in a hole. The best way to get discovered nowadays is through social media. It´s kind of obvious at this point.

For some, it´s easy with some help, luck, charm, humor or great talent. Let´s not forget a lot of persistence.

And more so,  getting noticed by the right type of people.

But you will never know if you have what it takes if you don´t try.

And from that thought, I stumbled upon this video on youtube about the talented  Lauren Brevner. I found it showed that by working hard on your craft and getting your self out there, you too can do it.

Art school was too expensive so Lauren Brevner taught herself. Then the Vancouver based mixed-media artist made a lane for herself using social media.

For Vancouver artist Lauren Brevner, Instagram actually changed her life. In this video, Brevner lets us into her Vancouver studio as she puts the finishing touches on her latest works. She tells us about the Japanese designer who changed her life, and how she got her art out into the world.

If you like this video, then I hope you go and check the artist youtube channel.

When you show them your love of their work, then that makes them want to create even more awesome material. And that is a simple win-win.

On til next time. <3 <3 <3

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