Getting in to pattern design and a new Creating Colorful Patterns video

I love making patterns but for some reason, it didn´t hit me on til las weekend to create them with my Ipad. I have no idea way it didn´t occur to me sooner as I have after been creating videos around my next coloring book. But the light finally went on and now this one is a really happy camper. Making pretty patterns just makes me happy, and I found out that I may like colorful patterns more than I thought. I´m kind of all black clothing most of the time in real life. Butt I´ve been getting better as I get older colors seem to sneak more and more into my life.

And as have rediscovered my love of creating patterns and being so easy now with my IPad, I think I may just have to explore my passion for creating patterns more, and while I do so my Zazzle shop will get more pretty things added to it.

Funny how good things start to pop up in your life when you allow yourself to be happy.

Smiles and hugs


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