Game of Thrones DIY´S

The love and joy that is Games of Thrones and all the wonderful DIY´s that are popping up all over the place since the tv series started airing. So for the love of the show and going on geeky on you guys. Here are some of my favorite DIY’s that I have seen so far. But still, I still thought I would find more.

Given how many love the show. But we still have time to fix that.

How´s with me?!

But in all seriousness, I need to try my hands on some of these projects.  I only need about 10 extra hours in my day and then I might find the time. Damm all you interesting things I need to find the time to do.


Making an Iron Throne Phone Charger | DIY | With Natural Nerd

Making Game of Thrones Globe | DIY | With C By You English

Targaryen Shield | Game Of Thrones | DIY | With Mad Stuff With Rob

Game of Thrones DRAGON EGGS | DIY | With Brizzy Voices

How to make a Game of Thrones Stark shield  | DIY | With Let’s Make Stuff


How To Make Game Of Thrones Book Ends | DIY Craft | With Mad Stuff With Rob

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If you like this video, then I hope you go and check the artist youtube channel.

When you show them your love of their work, then that makes them want to create even more awesome material. And that is a simple win-win.

On til next time. <3 <3 <3

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