Eternal birth – Zazzle product collection

After my site going offline due to malfunction on my server. It´s been hard to get back in the grove. I only lost a week of posts, but still, it could have been worse.  So as I´m trying to get myself back in the grove.

So to start up my work rhythm, I what to share with you, my newly added artwork Eternal Birth. I have been playing around white recording time-lapse of my work progress in my latest artwork.  And I´m kind of feeling it, love to able look back and see my process from start to finish,  I love watching those kinds of videos. If you ever wonder why I share them so often.

This artwork was a pure joy to work on and I may have gone overboard in sharing my love of it over at Instagram.

If you like this artwork, I do have this artwork on over 70 product over at one of my Zazzle shops.

One extra thing to note. 

All my products have the options to be personalized. And if you didn’t know there are always more product options for every product you look at in my store. Simply look under styles in the right corner of the product.

And if you like what you see and don’t want to miss out on new artwork. If you like to see the design process of new artwork from my shop´s then I do recommend you follow me on Instagram, I share all the things I’m working on over there.

Don’t be a stranger join me on Instagram and don’t miss out on new cool designs.

Love Hildur

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