Dressing fancy without spending the big bucks – DIY Sewing ideas

Sometimes it´s so hard to find a cute outfit that fits your style in stores, at the moment you want it.  And who doesn’t get the feeling that every time you go to buy that dress or that top you have been going all googly eyes for, but couldn’t get it at the time because it cost too much. That as soon as you finally go to buy it, it´s either sold out or out of fashion so the stores don’t carry it anymore.

That´s why,  when I´m not feeling too lazy, a take out my sewing machine and open the handy all knowing youtube, if I feel  I may need help. And start the process of creating that pretty top I saw at the store. Or at least simply something similar. That makes me look good. The only problem I have is a lack of options when it comes to buying things for my projects, the only option is usually ordering most of my stuff online. Since I live in Iceland and thou there are some options it’s often cheaper to order online. With the shipping taxes.  No joke.

When you don’t think like all the other sheep, then you won’t find your stuff in the stores.  As most stores follow the big herds. If I was a trend setter maybe things who´d be different, but I´m not. But my style tends to go out side the box now and a then.

So to kick my self in the ass to start sewing all the ideas I have been to “busy” to start on, I can at least order the stuff I need so I can start. So to kick my self forward I want it to share white you may favorite ideas that look too cute to skip trying your hands on some sewing.

One extra note. Some of the sewing ideas will lead to tutorials others are more to give you an idea. But I may do my own tutorials on some of them in the future. When I find the time that is.


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