DIY glitter walls

So talking about a glitter wall. Not sure how I feel about it. Do I love it, do I hate it. Do I need or not need it? I´m kind of feeling both. As I´m feeling I´m getting more into overly glam look for my home whit every year. Jet to take that overt bord step though. But until then, all over the top sparkly DIprojectsts will continue piling up on my site. Just in case.

But for you all, that are ready for the big step. Here are some videos that I found helpful on giving me an idea on how I might execute this project.

Video bElle K. Creative

Video by  VESALUX

Video by  Louise Mcvey

Video by KierraLaJon

Why not show them if you love their work, by heading over to their channel and leave a like or subscribe. That will show them that you want more and makes them want to create even more awesome material. And that is a simple win-win.

On til next time. <3 <3 <3

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