Creating art when you’re broke

As I have said before to create and express is like air to me.  If I don’t attempt some kind of artistic expression I will wither and die.  It is my happy pill, the thing that helps me cope with the cruelty of the world.


And like most, I have in some parts of my life had to struggle to afford art supplies. But art is a wonderful thing. Did you know you can make Natural watercolor paint from fresh flowers? If you can´t afford watercolor paint, then why not make them. And it is kind of cool, to answer when asked about the color pallet you use, I made myself. Don’t you think? And it´s so easy to google how to do it and even get new ideas.


If you are going to buy a watercolor pallet, buy a watercolor palette where you can change out the color pans, and buy a good one.  They will last you a good long time and

well worth it for the long haul. I have spent money on a couple of cheap ones in the hope to save but in the end, they were so not worth it.

But if you want to start out by drawing first that’s cool too.  Pencils are usually something that´s easy to get without splurging. When I couldn’t afford the fancy drawing pencils, I use to go discount stores in the hunt for any kind that I could use for the best price. And if I was lucky I would find in at least 2 different types, one super soft and where hard one.


Next, I would hunt for printing paper, I could get a lot of paper that would last me a long time. On til I felt good enough in my skill and had the money to spend on better paper. But I was simply happy I could draw on something other than textbooks.

There are often so many places to look for art supplies, new and used.  You simply have to keep your eyes open and sniff out likely art supplies. And if you lucky like me, I use to ask for nothing but art supplies when they asked what I want it for Christmas or my birthday. I was super annoying about it.

You have to do what you have to do. Get your supplies and creating.  Your own sanity is at stake if you are like me at least.


Go hunt down the places that sell art supplies and see who offers the best places. It´s different in every country. For me a shop lot online.

Places like:

I´m always on the hunt for better prices and stores that ship to Iceland, that has been my mine problem. Finding a product and then not finding anyone that is shipping to Iceland. Or I find a seller but he as outrages shipping fees.

To give you more ideas and spare you a long blog, I put together some helpful youtube videos that I found useful.  And I hope you spark your imagination in inspiration.

I hope you found this helpful and if there is any topic you hope I cover, then leave a comment.

On til next time enjoy.

Video by H.C.Brown

Video by Doodle Date 

Video by Giovannie Licea

Video by sketchynatalia


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