Autumn Metamorphosis, Oil Painting + Chat

Video by the wonderful artist Cynthia Sheppard

We can learn so much about our self as an artist by looking back at our past works.  To see how we evolve and to the things that may be holding us back.  I find that I get most inspired to test out new things in my path as an ever-evolving artist by the talented people around me, whether they are online or in my day to day life.  To see them dive into there own artwork and bloom brighter when the ever when they find that thing that helps them take the next step in there clime to be a better artist.

Their willingness to share their experience and journey always gives me that pep that we all sometimes need. That reminder that never to give up on our craft and simply keep on working on getting better and never stop learning.

If you love this video and to know more about Cynthia Sheppard

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